Day 9 – Picturesque mountain valley

Jondalen (between Bolkesjø and Kongsberg)


at Moenseter at 7.57 – Sæter or stol or house where the cattle is – Ladebarn and the doorway and middle of the barn were one puts carriage is called Love Stald, stable and for cows and betaille Fjös (fiuse) walked about ate our rice-cake and had cold fresh milk and butter –

Anne Lister, travel journal 5. aug. 1839

bétail is french for livetock

“love” or rather Låve is Norse for barn

Fjös (Fjuse)
“Fjös” or rather Fjøs is Norse for cowshed

Låve from 1800s (by Bjørn Johnsen source Digitalmuseum)



Not 100 % sure about current situation, but read more on the possible location and buildings of “Moenseter”

Route from Drammen via Hokksund, Kongsberg, Moensæter to Bolkesjø

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