Rudolf Keyser

“…the professor of history and antiquities himself shewed us the things and was very civil and spoke so well and slowly I understood ¼ of what he said by means of a few words of Latin now and then – there was an old thing  like that found in digging away in the clay of the laundry court at Shibden – which Harper said was modern and for shot but which the professor here said was for the head stall (for something ornamental or something of a very old sort of bridle crest thro’ which the rains passed) – from the smallness of the holes the reins must have been rope or thong”

Rudolf Keyser

Rudolf Keyser (1 January 1803 – 9 October 1864) was a Norwegian historian, archaeologist and educator.

Jakob Rudolf Keyser was born in Christiania, now Oslo, Norway. Following studies in Iceland, Rudolf Keyser was appointed as a docent at the Royal Frederick University in Christiania in 1828.

He became a professor in 1831 and remained at the University until he retired in 1862. Keyser was also the first manager for the University Museum of National Antiquities. He cataloged and categorized prehistoric artifacts which had originated from excavations.

Day 6 – Antiquites then heading west

Fun Fact

That “old thing found (…) in the clay of the laundy court at Shibden…”.

August 2. 1839 Anne refers to a thing that was found at shibden. A journal entry on April 11, 1837 refers to more detail of the object, that is likely the one pictured here.
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Professor at the Musee of Northern Antiquites, would be Professor Rudolf Keyser. On 6. February, 1818  according to a University protocol: ”a room in the university building (corner of Prindsens gade and Kongens gade) should be dedicated to the antiquities“, and one should begin gathering some of the existing collections into the University Collection of Antiquities (Samling af Oldsager). In 1829 Professor Rudolf Keyser greeted the museum’s first visitors. Read moore…

  • Gruning would be Andreas Grüning (1785-1842) German born Norwegian banker, merchant and consule general for Hamburg. More about Grüning
  • Smith was their guide on the Norway trip, and came recommended from Guldberg & Vonkowski’s, by Jæger. He is likely Axel Christian Rosenkrantz Smith (1813–1876). Both Jæger and Smith are from the city Arendal south in Norway.