Count Herman Wedel Jarlsberg

Johan Caspar Herman Wedel Jarlsberg (21 September 1779 – 27 August 1840) was a Norwegian statesman and count. He played an active role in the constitutional assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814 and was the first native Norwegian to hold the post of governor-general (representing the absent king as head of the Norwegian cabinet) during the union with Sweden.

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Day 10 – Nobility, pensions, iron works and heroics as Smith falls off the wagon.

The iron works at Bærum (Bærums verk)
Wergman’s illustration from the book Norge Fremstillet i Lithographerede Billeder 1837
This map from 1783 shows the area and some inns/coach stops Anne Lister & Co traveled visited. Drammen is yet to be, and is marked by the three towns (Bragernes, Strømsø and Tangen) that make up Drammen today. Click for bigger image


Stattholder = The proxy ruler of a country on behalf of the monarch.

Sheaves / sheaf = grain bundle

rez de Chaussée means on the gound floor


Smith’s father-in law – we think must be Johannes Nicolai von Kløcker (1788-1862), he is the uncle of Hans Ranøe von Kløcker (1818-1884) who became “Sekondløjtnant á la suite ved Kongens Regiment” (second lieutenant inthe Royal regiment) in 1837.

Count Wedel Jarlsberg – Norwegan count and owner of the iron worsk Anne saw in Bærum aka Bærums verk. Read more about Herman Wedel-Jarsberg


Bærums Verk / iron foundry – Anne passes the iron foundry learning about current owner Count Wedel Jarlsberg’s but perhaps oblivious to the fact that it was a woman (named Anna) who built the foundry to the largest of its kind in Norway.
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Upper Jonsrud, large farm, coach station and tavern/inn on the main road to Bergen.

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Pork Pancakes
Fleskepannekake’ is a pancake fried together with diced salty bacon. Today it’s often eaten with either syrup or a blueberry jam on top… get the recipe