Day 7 – “Everybody should see Drammen”

This bridge, Smedbrua, from 1767 on the road (Kongeveien/Gamle Kongsberg vei) between Hokksund (Hogsund) and Kongsberg, was built by masons from Kongsberg silver mines and is one of the oldest stone-arch bridges in Norway. Surely on Anne’s route between Drammen and Kongsberg. (foto: Jorunn K. Kirkestuen/ source: Aftenposten)


Madame Samuelson
There is a record of a woman owning property in Kongsberg named Anne Sophie Samuelsen (born in 1795). Her house was in Store Kirkegade 16, which seems to be a very central location.

More (+ bigger map)


Route from Drammen via Hokksund, Kongsberg, Moensæter to Bolkesjø

Drammen (more info and imageds for Drammen coming soon)

Kongsberg was founded by Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV as a mining community in 1624 after the discovery of silver. In the second year, the town of Kongsberg and the Kongsberg Silver Mines were built.

More …

Bolkesjø is a lake, village and resort in Notodden municipality in Vestfold og Telemark, Norway. It is located in Gransherad by Norwegian National Road 37. More…


Flat bread / flatbrød is a traditional Norwegian thin bread baked on a traditional takke or large smooth griddle.

Simple recipe and how-to …

Anne loved pancakes especially pork pancakes, although the pancakes at Madame Samuelsen did not please her…

Recipe and how-to…

“no fresh milk – milk 1 month to 2 and 3 months old – the one month too sour and thick”

More about surmelk…

“had excellent flatbrod (flatbread) and brandy and water”

More about Brandy…

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – “Everybody should see Drammen””

  1. I’m enjoying your website so much!
    My partner has family in Drammen (mother’s side), she will be happy to know the Ann(e)s were there 😂

  2. Thank you Anna! 🙂
    Oh yes, it seems Anne loved Drammen and they return on their way back from Bolkesjø, so there is more to come in a couple of days. Knowing how Drammen was quite “ruined” by industry and was considered by many an unattractive drive-through city in the 1980s and 90s, it’s amazing to read the line “Everybody should see Drammen” – Now, of course, Drammen has rejuvenated and display some of it’s former glory. It is rather nice and lovely again, and I think Anne Lister’s words have become true once again.

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