Day 2 – Arriving at Christiania (Oslo) from the South East


Detailed map of route from Svinesund to Soner [Såner]
Smaalehnenes Amt, Ramm & Munthe (1826)

The first public record of Hafslund dates to 1344, at which time the farm was crown property. Hafslund Manor dates from 1761. Read more…

Glommen [Glomma]
The Glomma, is Norway’s longest and most voluminous river. With a total length of 621 kilometres (386 miles), it has a drainage basin that covers fully 13% of Norway’s surface area, all in the southern part of the country.
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Korsegården used to be situated at
what is currently a highway crossing, “the Korsegård-crossing” or Korsegårdskrysset, by the E6 in Ås, Akershus. Read more about Korsegården

Såner kirke

Såner church
Såner church as it would have looked when Anne and Ann saw it. Inset is Anne’s sketch in her journal.

Read more about Såner Church

Archeological finds suggest that there were settlements in the area more than 7,000 years ago and continuously through the Iron Age, Viking Age, through to modern times. Read more about the town Moss


The view of Christiania from the South East – Ekeberg
(August Boesen, early 1800)

Day 8 – Norse food traditions and other cultural & social matters at Bolkesjø


Forbud: Avant-courier; rides ahead to secure horses at each post house


Flatbrød or “flat-bread” is a traditional Norwegian unleavened bread which is currently usually eaten with fish, salted meats and soups.

Read more and find a simple recipe and instructions …

Dravel, is likely dravle – a boiled milk based cheesey food with added egg, sugar, cream and cinnamon

Multer/multebær (cloudberries) are a cherished dessert in Norway still today. Personally I prefer the berries with a dash of double cream and a sprinkle of sugar.



Bolkesjø is a lake, village and resort in Notodden municipality in Vestfold og Telemark, Norway. It is located in Gransherad by Norwegian National Road 37. More…

Gausta or Gaustatoppen is the highest mountain in the county Vestfold og Telemark in Norway


It’s quite a bit of distance from Bolkesjø to the Gausta mountain, but on a clear day one would be able to see it from Bolkesjø. Sadly Anne and Ann got to se fog-all.


  • Earl of Hillsborough and Lord Cantelup[e]
  • Sir Hume Campbell and Captain Rose (to come)
  • Baron von Nicolai (to come)
  • le cham. Dal Borgo di Primo Le cons. de  Légation Krag (to come)
  • The family at Bolkesjø (to come)