Andreas Grüning, Huth and the Rawsons

Grünings Løkke ved Christiania (source: Oslo Bymuseum)

Andreas Grüning (1785 – 1842) German born (Hamburg/Altona), Norwegian banker, consul general for Hamburg and owner of the iron works in South Odalen (North of Christiania), established the banking company A. Grüning/Grünning & Co. He also traded in woods and other merchandise and had ownership in Haflsund (Sarpsborg) – Anne passed the manor on her way from Svinesund and up to Christiania – and in 1835 Hafslund became a consortium under the leadership of A. Grüning.

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Day – 5 Christiania (iii)

Grünings Løkke ved Christiania (source: Oslo Bymuseum)


prosing, to prose: to talk tediously


  • Gruning would be Andreas Grüning (1785-1842) German born Norwegian banker, merchant and consule general for Hamburg. Grüning had many dealings with German born London Banker Huth (Huth & Co), who in turn was connected through his textile business in South America to none other than Edward Rawson, son of John Rawson and nephew to Christopher and Jeremia (etc) Rawson – and I presume we have established how Anne Lister got connected with Grüning.
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  • Mademoiselle Bielca is possibly Christine Julianne Fredrikke Charlotte von Bjelke (1774-1845) who simply went by Julie von Bjelke. Daughter of Governor Bjelke and later part owner and fearless protector (unafraid to post a lawsuits) of Copper mines in Røros. Read more…

Fun fact

When Anne takes out 248 Speciedaler and 40 Skilling at an exchange rate of 4 Species and 116 Skilling to the Pound [or rather 4.4.20] which would equal 4.97 Species to the Pound, this means she got what looks to be a decent rate from Grünings bank; The exchange rate set by London in 1839 moved from 4.99 at late July to 4.93 by late August. More about moneys…