That “old thing found (…) in the clay of the laundy court at Shibden…”.

August 2. 1839 Anne refers to a thing that was found at shibden which reminded me of an object mentioned in pages from the journal that I happened to have previously transcribed. Here is an excerpt from that entry of April 11, 1837 :

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Moneys – spending and exchange

On 1. August 1839, Anne takes out (at Grünings & Co) 248 Speciedaler and 40 Skilling at an exchange rate of 4 Species and 116 Skilling to the Pound [or rather 4 Spd. 4 Mrk. 20 Skill.] which would equal 4.97 Species to the Pound, this means she got what looks to be a decent rate from Grünings bank; The exchange rate set by London in 1839 moved from 4.99 at late July to 4.93 by late August.

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Botanic Garden

Copper plate by Rathke
Colors by y. Haugen

On 31. July 1839, Anne Lister visited the Botanic Garden in Christiania (Oslo) and noted a list of plants that she found interesting. Many seem to have medicinal uses which seems typical for Anne Lister to notice …

Here is a run-through of the list and lots of links and images to give an extensive idea of what Anne tok note of during her time in the Botanic gardens.

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Superior English pencils

“Then to Hoppe’s for pencils English for Ann”

31. July 1839

It’s no coincidence that Anne is specific about the pencils’ origin/type. As you can read in this excerpt from the novel “Woodsburner: A Novel” by John Pipkin (2009) (page 117), the English pencil was clearly always considered superior:

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