Christiania map & places of interest

Places in Christiania that Anne mentions while there.
(Map from 1840 by unknown – edited by Y.Haugen)
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1) Hotel du Nord (Anne and Ann’s hotel in Christiania)
2) Akershus festning /castle
3) J. Dahl (bookshop)
4) J.W. Cappelen (bookshop)
5) University (Nat. history et al.)
– Zoology collection (the birds) – “1 1/2 hour there seeing the birds”
Musée of Northern antiquities
6) P. J. Hoppe’s bookshop“Then to Hoppe’s for pencils English for Ann”
7) Cathedral (Domkirken)

8) Grûnings Løkke
9) Royal Palace
10) Guldberg & Dzwonkowski
11) Botanic Garden

Hotel du Nord

Hotel du Nord in Dronningens gade

Akershus castle (festningen)

Akershus Castle by J.W. Edy (1800-1815)

University building – Natural history et al.

The building, called Mariboegården (on the corners of Kongens gate/Prinsens gate/Nedre Slottsgate) was bought by the university in 1819. Natural history, zoology, mineralogy, coin collection and antiquities all moved inn here duing the early 1800s. [Read more …]

Royal Palace

Det kongelige Slot / the Royal Palace / [lito] J. Frich (1840)

I.C. Hoppe

Hoppegården, was I .C. Hoppe’s building and bookbinders, it lay in the main square, Torvet. But he also had a bookshop “around the corner” indicated with (7) on the map above. It was likely here at the bookshop that Anne bought the pencils for Ann.
More on English pencils

“I. C. Hoppe / Bogbinder / Torvet No 18 / Christiania” – unknown artist (1847)

Cathedral – Domkirken

Domkirken [the Cathedral] how it looked until 1850. This drwaing by Gerhard Schøning dates back to 1775. See more visuals in the Torvet article

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