Torvet, the Cathedral and Hoppe’s

Christiania Torv – the main square or market is just a couple of blocks from Hotel du Nord, where Anne and Ann stayed when in Christiania. The cathedral is situated at one end of the market, and Hoppe’s is right nearby. This market – now Stortorvet – is still there and a popular spot for buying blants, flowers and vegetables in summer.

«Marked på Stortorvet» by L.W.Th. Bratz (1843)
lito by G.L. Fehr from Peter Frederik Wergmanns painting of Stortorvet and the Cathedral from 1830. The official state scales that where in the square until cirka 1870.
Roof paintings in the church are from the 1700s
see more (norse article) at Kirken/domkirken

More historic imagery of the church

Anne buys some pencils for Ann at Hoppe’s. Hoppe had a publishing house, Hoppegården, at Torvet 18, in the main square or market where also the Cathedral is situated. It lies only a He also had a bookshop just aroud the corner of Torvet. [more on the English pencils…]

“I. C. Hoppe / Bogbinder / Torvet No 18 / Christiania” – unknown artist (1847)

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