John Vanderholm

I perceive John’s Swedish will not suit him _perfectly_ in Norway

– Travel journal 28. july 1839

John would be John Vanderholm, a Swedish man, Tanner of trade but at this point takes what jobs he can to support his English wife and 8 children.

John Vanderholm recommended by Mrs Tod came to offer as servant to go with us to Norway – a swede – tanner  by trade which he learnt in London and married an English woman – she is here – his trade failed him – he does what he can to get a living – has 8 children – asks 3 dollars banco (…)

all this seems most likely to suit us, yet the man has never been in Norway But he can speak to be understood by the Norsemen – speaks English like an Englishman and perhaps our own traveling knowledge + handbook will suffice

– Diary 23. July 1839

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