Øvre Jonsrud 2017. by Knut Erik Skarning

Upper Jonsrud, large farm, coach station and tavern/inn on the main road to Bergen.

Jonsrud or Øvre Jonsrud /upper Jonsrud farm was cleared at some point in medieval times ( some say 1050 others say 1550 so there is a span…;)   

From 1692 there was a coach station and tavern at Upper jonsrud, and the main roads to the westerly commercial capital Bergen, went through the property –  In 1719 it was regarded at King’s road and from 1818 also a postal road. (The farm had to keep the postal pistol for the postman to carry).

The coach station was the place to get new horses to go up to Krokskogen (the Krok woods) and was destination for all sorts of folks – law, clergy, businessfolk and farmers. Coal was transported from Ringerike to Bærums Verk (the foundry) and glass ware from Hadeland Glassverk to Christiania Glassmagasin (a large saleshouse). Nomadic farmers brought cows, goats, sheep and horses from the valley Hallingdal and other places for markeds.

The station could order locals to supply horses if needed, and there were usually 8 horses in the stables, served by coach boys and servant girls at all hours.

Upper Jonsrud was a large farm and had lots of wood property. The main building is en 1800s empire style building and it is considered protected heritage propery.  There was for a time a smaller house for people whil loe or no income to spend the night, but the upper class people took lodging at the main house.

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